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How To Create That Vintage Ski Lodge Look For The Holidays
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How To Create That Vintage Ski Lodge Look For The Holidays

This year I was honoured to be asked to be a guest designer for our local Uxbridge Rotary Club Christmas Home Tour.  I jumped on the opportunity and began planning.  The house we were given was absolutely stunning to begin with - a gorgeous Century Home.  When I saw it I knew right away that a Vintage Ski Lodge look was the only way to go.  I should also note that our client was fabulous to work with, had lots of great ideas of her own, and had a lot of great decor already. 

This is how you can achieve a similar look.

Begin by collecting vintage skis, snowshoes, sleds, toboggans, baskets, ski boots, poles, pinecones, and more.  Look for inspiration from your favourite designers, and create a pinboard in Pinterest for ideas you can reference easily.

Let's tour room by room.

Family Room - in this room I added flocked trees without any decorations (just lights).  To me this gives more the feeling of being in a wooded area surrounded by pines and firs.  I also added a bowl of pinecones, a mini village, faux candles in the fireplace, a large custom Ski Lodge sign, and some retro posters that our client mod podged onto wood.  They were surrounded by skis and snowshoes on the wall.  The real greenery around the fireplace was created by a local florist.

Create a Hot Cocoa Bar.  This is both inviting and appealing.  Imagine skiiers just getting off the hill, cold, and needing a hot cup of cocoa.  The candy dressings make it so much more fun.  I grabbed jars and tied bakers twine around the top of each one to give it a more vintage feel.  I then went to my local bulk store and bought candies and marshmallows to fill the jars with.  The added pinecones and greenery give it a rustic feel.

Dining Room - this room was stunning to begin with, so I had a very good base to work with.  The tree in this room is faux, and I added several faux greenery picks to give it a more whimsical look.  Our client purchased the vintage chicken crate for the bottom of the tree, and a toque adorns the treetop.  It was all decorated with muted darker colours to match the mood of this room.

Muted charcoal dishes adorn this holiday table, with accents of real greenery and dried oranges.  Don't be afraid to mix real greenery with faux greenery.

An antique sled sits in the corner of this room, with an accent of fresh greenery.  We also made the antique snow globes.  Follow this link for our how to reel.

Kitchen & Stairwell - I created a soft glow in the stairwell with a bunch of faux candles that are both safe and effective.

The renovated kitchen was absolutely gorgeous and didn't need a lot added to it.  The showstopper was the real floral arrangement that the local florist created.  It ran the whole span of the kitchen island.

Faux fur drapes the island chairs, and there are faux wreaths in each window.  We also added a bowl of satsuma oranges - a natural element with a pop of colour.

Foyer - This room already had some very large and amazing prints of deer which went perfectly with our Ski Lodge theme.  We added more flocked trees, another bowl of pinecones, wooden tabletop trees, snow shoes, skis and boots.  Presents are wrapped with kraft paper and decorated with dried oranges, bakers twine and greenery.

Bathroom - the guest bathroom was rustic and quaint, and just needed some small accents.  I added a pair of skiis, some faux greenery around the mirror, and some floating candles.

To make the floating candles, fill your vessels with some real greenery, pinecones and cranberries.  It adds an authentic accent to your home.

 Outdoors - The magic continued outdoors with a couple cozy seating areas, old suitcases, a faux tree, faux fur, and more skiis and sleds.




Seeing the end product of this Ski Lodge themed home was so satisfying.  There are so many ideas to explore.  I hope this has given you the inspiration you were looking for to get started on your own Ski Lodge decor.

Thank you so much to my team (Lauren) that helped me execute all my ideas, the Uxbridge Rotary Club for trusting me, and my wonderful client that opened up her home and came to the table with so many wonderful ideas of her own.

For more home decor inspiration come and visit us in our boutique located at 26 Brock St W in Uxbridge, Ontario Canada.  Otherwise we are also online and on Instagram.

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