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The Lemonade Stand
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Staying Positive While Building Community Podcast
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Staying Positive While Building Community Podcast

Hello friends!  I am here today to talk to you about Podcasts.  Do you listen to them?  What are some of your favourites?

I mix up my Podcasts with a bit of educational and fun.  A couple of my favourites are The Michelle Obama Podcast and Oprahs Super Soul Conversations.  They are feel good podcasts and we all need some of that right now!

Another educational podcast that I listen to every Monday while I am working out is the Creative Shop Talk Podcast with Wendy Batten!  Wendy is a mentor and retail coach (and is also my retail coach) that helps small retail businesses just like mine.

I was truly honoured to be interviewed by Wendy, and on her Podcast I share how I got started with The Lemonade Stand, how I have evolved and how I have adjusted during COVID.  

If you are interested in hearing more about my story and gaining some insight into my world, please listed to Episode 65 here

My hope is that this podcast inspires you to keep pushing forward and that you will be inspired to find the silver linings and think outside the box.

I end this podcast with one of my favourite poems (I explain why in the podcast) which I will share here:

There will be storms child,
There will be storms
And with each tempest
You will seem to stand alone
Against cruel winds
But with time, the rage and fury
Shall subside
And when the sky clears
You will find yourself
Clinging to someone
You would have never known
But for storms

Storms, Margie DeMerell

Lee xo

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