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Bridlewood Face Masks

Pink Clay

The clay in this mask draws out toxins and exfoliates your 
skin while the extracts replenish your skin with essential
vitamins and minerals. This mask is extremely rich in VitaminC and anti-oxidants making it the perfect choice for after suncare, or skin that has already been damaged by the sun!


Activated Charcoal is one of this planet’s most absorbent
substances. Charcoal will help draw out excess oils, bacteria,toxins and pollutants out of your pores. Thyme has very stronganti-bacterial, cleansing, and strong astringent properties
making it great at killing germs, and preventing inflammation.This mask truly is the ultimate way to clean and detox your skin!

Yellow Clay

The clay in this mask is extremely mild and gentle, making it the perfect choice for anyone with very dry, or ensitive
skin. Apple contains alpha-hydroxy acids, which refines and
rejuvenates the skin, helping to maintain your skins
youthful elasticity!

Green Clay

Full of vitamins and minerals due to it’s high concentration
of plant matter. The clay in this mask will help detox and
nourish your skin, while the fruit and vegatable extracts
calm, tighten, soothe, and smooth your skin. Great for all
skin types, young and old!


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