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Pokoloko Throw Chelsea -Biscuit

This is an heirloom-quality, unique throw with a blanket-stitched edge, a classic striped design, and a touch of that beloved Turkish tasseled style. This throw is made from a plant-based, blended composition, which gives it a soft, cool, and ultra-luxe hand feel.

  • This luxurious, ultra-soft artisanal throw is made with the high-quality craftsmanship of a group of independent Turkish artisans. This throw connects you with their long Turkish textile tradition dating back generations.
  • While the science and art of Turkish textiles dates back to the 17th century, their quick-dry, high absorbency, and unparalleled weave makes them a modern day essential worldwide.
  • Creates a vibe that is elegant, contemporary, stylish, modern, luxe. These throws work well in any setting, on their own, and with other throw types and throw styles. Our throws have versatility in aesthetic and design.
  • Turkish cotton is naturally antibacterial. No more musty smell. Will dry 30% faster than regular textiles. Turkish cotton has extra long fibers, making it longer lasting and more durable than regular cotton.
  • Made with 20% lyocell, which is a generic name for the well-known brand name Tencel. Lyocell has a breathable texture less susceptible to bacteria growth and odour. Lyocell production on average needs less energy, dye, and water than the production of other fabrics, and because lyocell is a naturally-derived fiber, it's biodegradable. In the lyocell production process, there are petrochemical solvents used to turn the wood pulp base into fiber, but this process is closed loop, which means that the chemicals can be recycled over and over again, which minimizes harmful waste.
  • 60” W x 87” L (152cm W x 221cm L)
  • Given the artisanal make of our throws, please allow for slight natural variations in color, size, and weave with each unique piece; however, if there are differences present, these differences are not usually noticeable


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